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Did you know you can use all-natural acupuncture patches to help move lymph?

And why would that be important you ask?

Well, in case you didn’t know, the lymphatic system helps to move toxins from the rest of the body.

Sometimes toxins can be so stuck that the lymphatic system doesn’t move. I have experienced on several occasions exactly what that feels like! It is like an achy toothachy kind of pain. Some people even suffer swelling in their legs or torsos.

If you have chronic nasal congestion you probably have blockages in your lymphatic “ports” located near your collar bones.

On this episode of Live with the LifeWave Doctor Dr. Dennis Lobstein and I will be sharing with you on this show how best to move the lymph, keep those little ports open AND support your kidneys.

Dr.Karen Kan protokol:

Using LifeWave Patches to Support Lymphatic Drainage

Acupuncture Points Used for Supporting Lymph Drainage
Today I have Energy Enhancer patches on the acupuncture Kidney 27 bilaterally because my colleague Marie McMahon, LMT and I discovered that patching that approximate point helps to keep the lymphatic ports open. The other points I’ve used with Energy Enhancer patches, Y-Age Glutathione patches or Aeon patches is Spleen 6 (for management of swelling) and Gallbladder 40 (for opening the channels and food reflex point for lymph).

For example, I might use Energy Enhancer patches on Kidney 27, white on right, tan on left. Then I might use a Glutathione patch on the right Spleen 6 point. Alternatively, I have used the Aeon patches(two) on GB 40 points as well as Energy Enhancer patches on Kidney 27 at the same time.

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